Challenging Times, Continuing Passion

About Us

Modani is a relatively young jeweler in the heart of the Antwerp diamond district. Diamonds and natural gems are not just our business, but they are our passion. And incorporating them in our exclusively created jewelry, especially made for those who wear them - you our valued customer- is what we do best. The current challenging times have not diminished our passion whatsoever. Our philosophy as a business is to approach the current situation of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic with empathy and urgency.

Due to this situation, visiting our store has become difficult for many of you, our customers. And of course the well-being of our clients is our main priority. Therefore we will comply to our best ability to the regulations. However we also want to continue to offer you our collection of products and our services. We have therefore expanded our online presence and services.

We at Modani always like to see our customers in person, to define their taste in jewelry and share our opinion on how to wear them, and how to add value to the piece they will soon wear. Therefore, in spite of the situation we are happy to make an appointment with you and welcome you in our store, for personal advice. We have taken all necessary precautions and will safeguard social distancing, and make sure that you enter a clean and safe space.

A diamond is forever, and so is a piece of jewelry if you take care of it well enough. It is worn for years, and stands for a memory in one`s lifetime and beyond, mostly passed on from mother or father to child, generation after generation. Our passion for jewelry making breaths on that principle.


We are continually taking additional steps in order to remain operating in the current, evolving and dynamic situation, while assuring safety and protecting our customers. In doing so we are, and remain, daily active in the market and have knowledge in vintage and modern jewelry. We mostly sell individual diamonds to be mounted in to jewelry, 18kt gold, platinum, sapphire, ruby, emerald, semi-precious gems, solitaire, engagement rings, wedding rings, necklace, earrings, pendants and bracelets.

We hope to welcome you in our online webshop and/or our store in Antwerp, and be of your service. Please don`t hesitate to contact us.
It is in our DNA


Modani is founded as Danny Jewelry in 1991 by Simon Danielov after he immigrated from Israel as a young jeweler himself. Modani is currently managed by Moshe Danielov with the assistance of his spouse Hani.

Moshe is a member of the "Diamant club van Antwerpen" and has a true passion for diamonds and natural gems, and of is adding value to them by creating beautiful jewelry pieces for the people that actually wear them, as they are the true gems. He started as a small child helping his father out by giving service to customers after school and in the weekends.